Inquisition trailer!!!

For those of you who haven’t “liked” the Bioware FB page, Bioware has just released the teaser trailer for the upcoming third installment to the Dragon Age franchise, so here is a link:

I’m thrilled to see that Morrigan and Varric will be back in some extent, I just hope that I get to use them, cause I’d love to hear the possible banter between the two of them! From and RP standpoint, I’d love to see all of my bros from DA1 make a comeback, along with Varric and Hawke (this time as a party member as opposed to the main character), while I assume the role of my mighty Warden (arcane warrior). What about you guys? Who would you like to see come back for the third installment?


Decisions and more

Soooo…My decision to make my blog an exclusive “Dragon Age Blog” is basically me shooting my self in the foot. With that said, I guess I’ll still keep it as a DA blog primarily, but I’ll also be writing about other shit that grabs my attention.

I regret stiffing that tattoo artist...

I regret stiffing that tattoo artist…

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A “heads-up” on the upcoming DA3 title.

Executive producer Mark Darrah has given us a tiny shred of info with regards to how the third installment to the Dragon Age franchise is fairing.

So far, the Frostbite 2 engine hasn’t been used for anything but FPS and racing titles, so I’m pretty skeptical as to how things will work out…I sure as hell don’t want another DA2, and I’m hoping that they gravitate towards a more “DA:O-esque” approach. I also hope that they take their time with this title, seeing as “rushing it” didn’t really work out.

Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed!

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin Review

How’s it going you filthy nug-humpers!? Mark of the Assassin is the second content DLC for Dragon Age 2. Apart from five new dungeons/zones to explore, MotA features a brand new companion named Tallis; a female elf rogue/assassin that is just as customizable as your other companions, and can be romanced!

I said NO Zaboo!

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